About AFMI

What is AFMI ?

AFMI is a philanthropic charity formed by American Muslims of Indian Origin in the year 1989. AFMI strives to improve the socio-economic status of the underprivileged Indian Muslim minorities through education. Since it was founded, AFMI has remained steadfast in its mission to achieve 100% literacy amongst Indian Muslims.

Our Vision

  • Improve literacy and economic Status of Muslims in India.
  • Help Muslims in India to contribute towards social, political and economic development of India.
  • Strive to advance the cause of underprivileged masses in India in general, and Muslim masses in particular.
  • Promote exchange of technology and other resources to development entrepreneurial and leadership skills.
  • Encourage excellence in Muslim Youths Both in North America and India to strengthen their “Muslim identity”.

Goals of AFMI

1 AFMI is a philanthropic, service based and issue-orientated organization formed by Muslim Americans of Indian origin in 1989. It strives to work towards the educational and economic uplift of Indian Muslims by seeking cooperation among American and Indian relief and educational organizations.

2 AFMI also intends to serve as a bridge between Indian intellectual, public officials and business people and Indian Americans, especially Muslims. Currently AFMI is working on bringing 100 percent literacy to Indian Muslims. Towards this goal AFMI has built schools in many Indian villages and has adopted many schools, with students numbering in several hundred thousand. For motivation to excel in education AFMI has awarded over 1,300 gold, silver, bronze medals (Over 2000 medals distributed so far) and certificates to meritorious students of X and XII of each state of India. It also provides scholarship to needy and deserving students. Towards the social empowerment AFMI has built hospitals, conducted medical camps, provided relief and rehabilitation either due to epidemics or due to man-made disasters or natural disasters. People still appreciate AFMI’s AIDS awareness program launched few years back.

3 AFMI stands for a stable democratic, secular and progressive India where human rights of all are preserved and no one is discriminated on the basis of their caste, religion, language or region. AFMI works in close cooperation with all those forces that believes in all these principles. AFMI has been instrumental in hosting major public events in the past 24 years in honor of Indian leaders such as former prime ministers, union cabinet ministers, chief ministers, academicians, cine artists, scientists, social activists, media personalities, religious leaders, and many others who have attended our public events in USA or in India.

4 AFMI delegates have met with every Prime Minister and President of India since its inception in 1989. The US Senate recognized AFMI’s humanitarian and educational activities on its senate floor proceedings and debate on October 3rd, 2000 that has now become part of the congressional record vol. 146, number 121.


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