Join the Noble Cause of building a Science Lab in Budaun for the educators of Tomorrow

Dear AFMI members and sympathizers

Join the Noble Cause of building a Science Lab in Budaun for the educators of Tomorrow

Some 229 kilometer away from New Delhi, the capital of India, is a historical town that still preserves a long tradition of knowledge and education. It was the most important post of Northern Frontier during Mughal reign. It is a big market, in the heart of famous Rohilkhand, in Western Uttarpradesh.   It is this Indian town whose religious leaders still have the key of the initial door of the shrine of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Gilani, known as Ghaus Azam. From Budaun, every year the key is taken to the shrine on 11 Rabi us Sani to Baghdad. Iltamush, one of the emperors of India, had this town as his seat of government. One of the great Indian sufis, Shaikh Nizamuddin was from here and before the expansion of Delhi’s Jama Masjid, Budaun had the largest masjid in the country with a capacity for over 23,000 people.

The town has a population of about 200,000 people with a literacy rater of 73 percent. It has more than 45 institutions of higher learning.  American Methodist mission runs several institutions for girls. Several other religious communities also have their educational and institution. The Muslim community had always dreamt of institutions of higher learning but the dream never became reality until a few sons of the soils who had migrated to the US vowed to put all they could to achieve the goal.

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So a family of Muslim Americans of Indian origin in the USA, affiliated with the American Federation of Muslims of Indian origin dreamt of building an institution of higher learning early in 2,000.  In 2007, when the dream was still in its conception stage, the AFMI team visited the historic town and in 2008 the project took off and within a short period of 3 years it started accepting students in 2011. In 2015, the total number of students reached 500. So far the institute has helped over 300 students to graduate with 60 girls specializing in the field of education (BEd).   In this short period of time the College has already changed lives of so many people.  Over 76% of the graduates have jobs, others have gone to higher learning institutions for further studies.  One of the female students that graduated this year is running for a local political office. 

The Asim Siddique Memorial Degree College, is now a recognized and respectable education institution that has galvanized the Muslim community and inspired its younger population to pursue higher education. It is an institution that is building tomorrow’s leaders.

The Degree College provides education at extremely affordable cost for example B. Com classes are subsidized and offered at a mere tuition fees of $75.00 annually, while the actual cost to the college is about $650. Those who are unable to afford even this cost are offered free scholarship. English literacy and speaking as well as computer classes are also offered free of charge.

At present, the College offers B. Com, B.B.A, AMU Distance learning courses, CAT Accounting and BSC courses. The college has plans to build a science lab by early 2016.  It is difficult for the college to raise funds in India for obvious reasons. The project is in dire need of funds.  And the Muslim Americans of Indian origins can come forward to help achieve this goal.

The members of the American Federation and the Muslim Americans including those of Indian  origin have always been supportive of educational efforts in India. They can support this project too.

The total cost of setting up a standard science lab would come about $30,000. It is an amount that AFMI sympathizers are capable of funding to realize the dream of the College and its students.

If 300 sympathizers of AFMI donate an amount of $100 or more, the funds can be easily raised and the lab can quickly be built.  Projects like these go a long way to create conditions for a total educational renaissance at grass roots levels.

Some eight years ago, the college was only in one’s dreams but now it has become a reality as a result of dedicated efforts on the parts of its sponsors and supporters. AFMI sympathizers have played a big role in it. And there is no reason that they would not come forward in support of this project again.

We request you to donate for this project wholeheartedly. This is our project as we all have committed to the idea of higher education of the poor and neglected in the country we or our parents were born. Every dollar that you spend on education would go a long way to build a stronger Muslim community in India.

This is what our faith expects us to do. This is what is called an act of nobility and this is what accumulates our good deeds for a day that each one of us has been preparing for in this world.  The Quran tells us that successful are those who give preference to the needs of others over theirs.

Let us make donation to this noble cause today. Your donations are tax detectable. You can make the donation online using the AFMI site or you can mail it to the following address.

29008, W 8 Mile Road
Farmington, MI 48336

Check should be drawn to AFMI and AFMI will forward the amount to the College. Once we have achieved our goal, we would inform our community about it and would keep everyone informed about the project and its progress.

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