Medal Related FAQ

What is AFMI Medal Program?

AFMI Medal Program is a two day annual convention (which takens place in India)where Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals are awarded to top 3 Indian Muslim students statewise(/union territory) for achieving highest scores in Class X and XII in their respective states(/union territory). The Convention is followed by educational sessions delivered by great scholars, educationists, businessmen, leaders etc from across the globe.

When and where does the program happens and how one can know about it?

The Program Usually happens in the last week of December every year in different cities of India. The dates and venue for the next year are always announced in the convention and published in the major national and state media outlets. The exact details can always be found at AFMI website : http://www.afmi.org/

What is the Eligibility criteria and process to apply for AFMI Medal?

“Eligibility Criteria : Indian Muslim Students who secured atleast 75% and above in S.S.C. (Class X) and H.S.C. (Class XII) Board examination can apply for AFMI medal.
Process to apply for AFMI medal : Post/Courier mail containing attested copy of Marksheet, two passport size photographs and a simple application requesting the student to be considered for medal program of that year to AFMI India Office(address : N.B. Complex, Pirbordi Chakla, Kadi-382715(North Gujarat).Phone : 02764-263855. Email : afmi12@yahoo.co.in).
Applicants please ensure to mention correct Contact details in English – address, phone number and email id(if any) for communication.”

Is there any cutoff or last date to apply for medal?

Eligible students can start applying for medal as soon as the board results are declared. The Cutoff or last date to apply is usually end of August.

After one applies how the Medalists are selected?

After receiving all the applications along with marks sheet, the data is fed in computer, tabulated and highest scorers are declared after verifying from the head office.

By when the results are available and shared with the applicants?

By End of September all the candidates are informed by mail whether they are winners or not. And if a student is not a winner he or she is informed who the winners are in his/her state and the percentage they have received.

What is the travel/commute, accomodation, food and other logistics policy for the medal winners?

Lodging, boarding and travel (2nd class rail fare from origination to the convention venue) is provided to all medal winners and their one accompanying parent or a relative.

If someone has received the award for 10th class, can he/she apply for 12th class?

Yes if they meet the eligibility Criteria.

Can Siblings apply for same class(10th or 12th) or both classes(10th and 12th)?

Yes if they meet the eligibility Criteria.

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